martes, 8 de julio de 2008

Today, tonight and forever (for Lupiz)

TODAY… It's another day downing,
it seems to be just another one in the chain of time
but it's not...

There's something different in the air,
there's something different in my mind,
my cold metal heart's machinery it’s starting up a new march

There something different in my frozen eyes,
my sight isn’t lost anymore, I see the life in true colors.

My kindness angel, tell me Where did you come from?
What glorious soul sent you to my way?
Who did pray for me to know you?

All my life I hadn’t been a good believer,
I guided my life with mathematical concepts and logical precepts
but this seems so perfect, this isn’t why I should disserve from heaven.

Today is just another day.
The difference is that I feel the warming sun rays on my skin,
today I feel the pain of other humans,
today I’m a human too and the monster within is asleep.

Today is nothing special really; it’s just another day in the train of times,
it’s just another date on the calendar but it’s a beautiful one to me.

Today would be totally indifferent to me if you weren’t here
because you make me feel that the rest of my life it’s going to be awesome
‘cause you make me feel the air that I breathe again.

Thanks to you my life isn’t empty and I feel I got another chance to enjoy it,
you make me feel that heaven has forgiven my mistakes,
you make me feel that somebody was there praying for me to find an angel
and that angel is you…

THONIGHT… Tonight isn’t going to be just a new night,
tonight it’s the night our souls are going to be reunited for now and forever,
tonight my heart will be warm again,
tonight I feel my soul fulfilled with peace again.

Tonight my past seems so far away and in some way forever here and to stay
but tonight I don’t feel the pain anymore, my sins are in the past.
Will they forgive me too? I hope they will.

Tonight is the most special night of all my life because I was reborn again,
tonight my heart and yours is only one,
an angel heart in total fusion with mine, mortal, it’s divine,
your face, your body, your hands, your skin, your eyes...
divine perfection hidden in a human shape.

Tonight, there’s no shiner star in the sky than you,
tonight you’re the only subject of my thoughts,
this night I’ve taken the train that guided me to your arms,
tonight being with you is the only thing that cares for me.

It’s very difficult for us to understand how is it possible to be immerse into this happiness,
it’s weird being with you tonight, it’s not something that I was waiting to do,
I never dreamed being with you in this starry night,
I never believed this was going to happen, but it happened, it’s happening…

Tonight you and me, we’re very nervous, my hands are sweating cold,
I see your eyes, you feel the same I feel, we are lost in this happiness we feel,
tonight I’m feeling your lips, and they are so warm.

Do you want to stop kissing me? Because I don’t,
I would be kissing you forever while I touch your delicate skin, your soft skin… angel’s skin.
What are we doing? Don’t know exactly, this isn’t something I’m able to control…
Would you be able to? (The kiss is present still)

Tonight is the most beautiful night of all my life,
our hearts control everything we do,
tonight our hearts are just one, our souls are in fusion…
bodies collide… we are one and beyond all the superficial feelings this causes
I know I’m in heaven flying with my white soft delicate beautiful skinned angel.

FOREVER… this dream looks like lasting forever…
I really want it to last forever; it feels like butterflies on my stomach,
it really feels like something warm inside my body, something I did never feel before and I know
you’re the love of my life.

Forever seems so tempting when I’m with you,
forever is what I want this to last,
forever in your arms, forever in your dreams, forever in your heart,
forever in this sweet warming beautiful dream,
forever as eternal are our souls.

I will love you forever, this love will last forever,
there’s no star light that shines longer than the longitude of our love,
forever dream, forever reality, this is what we are now, forever kissing your lips,
forever flying upon the sky while holding your hand,
the only real thing over the whole world that could be compared with this beautiful feeling
I’ve with you is the beauty of your eyes when they look at me.

Forever… the time exactly I want to be with you, lost in you,
embracing you, kissing you, touching your skin, seeing your eyes,
feeling you…

Forever, I wasn’t ever so convinced that I wanted something to last that quantity of time…
Who could someone did not want to be forever in heaven?
How could someone let an angel go?
It’s difficult to say just in some lines what I really feel for you,
I’m hoping this words to help you understand better my love for you…

I love you my sweet angel, and I will be in love with you FOREVER, as I do TODAY, as I do TONIGHT…



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Anónimo dijo...

Amor me encanta!!! sii todo lo que tu haces me gusta!!!

te amo!!





ZeTh dijo...

:$ Wii? hahahaha

te amo mi vida te amo te amo!!!
Gracias por pasar a visitar mi blog!

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Amiable brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.